Eternal Oils by Jane







Nila Jane Autry

Eternal Oils by Jane



Artist Statement

I am now accepting commissioned work. It seems that everyone has a painting in their imagination they wish someone would paint. If you like my style send me an email at:

Art is my life...if it's art I'm interested. I especially enjoy working in watercolor and oil, but any art process makes me happy. I teach art and do art, and buy art.

My work is highly idealistic, much like the old masters with an emphasis on eternal themes. I am an idealist to the core, an artist who cherishes high and noble principles. With my art I want to enlarge, soften and enlighten your heart. Ah-Hah! Awe....."One person can make a difference..." JFK

As a professional artist, I enjoy commissioned portraits in oil, often for couples as they prepare for marriage in an LDS Temple. When I am not painting a commission I paint LDS Temples. My goal is to paint every temple in the world.

I grew up without a clue that I was born to be an artist. It wasn't until my junior year in high school that I took my first art class, and although greatly intimidated by other students in the class, I did my best and found the process thoroughly enjoyable..Today I find and make time to paint, loving every minute of it. Having taught high school and college level art for more than 20 years, I took an early retirement in 2014, and hope to successfully market my artwork to the whole wide world, especially the LDS community.

I want you to feel what I feel as I paint, a reverence for the beauties of the earth and an awareness of humanities eternal search for perfection.


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